TYT TH-8600

Mini 25W Dual Band Ham Radio Dock Frequency Range (MHz): VHF: 144-148 MHz / UHF: 420-450 MHz Frequency stability: ±1ppm Rated voltage: DC 13.8V Working temperature: -30°C~+60°C Storage temperature: -30°C ~+85°C transmission: Output power: 25/20 watts Transmission current: 4A 13.8V Standby current: 0.2A 13.8V FM modulation: Broadband: 16K0F3E Modulation distortion: <5% FM and noise: ≥45dB 25KHz; ≥40dB 12.5KHz Adjacent channel power: ≥60dB 12.5KHz; ≥70dB 25KHz Audio response: +1~-3dB

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TYT TH-9000D Plus

TYT TH-9000D Plus Function: 1. Frequency range: 144-148MHz 2. Output power: 10W/25W/60W 3.8 groups of scramblers 4. Tone: CTCSS/DCS Setup and Scan 0-9 SQL 5. Level setting: frequency/channel scanning 6. High/medium/low power consumption optional: voice command device repeater 7. Offset shift: keyboard lock function 8. Address book: battery voltage display 9.DTMF/2 tone/5 tone: ANI ID 10. Remote kill/stun/activation/resurrection: emergency alarm 11. Wide/Narrow Band Setting: TX Suppression 12. Busy channel lock: edit channel name 13. Reverse frequency: four places 14. Small talk Scrambler (optional): Voice prompt 15. Overtime timer: automatic shutdown 16. VFO step setting: 5/6.25/10/12.5/20/25/50kHz 17. Channel capacity: 200 18. Channel spacing: 5/6.25/8.33/10/12.5/15/20/25/30/50KHz 19. Working voltage: 13.8V DC ± 15%

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PMR MD-795 DMR digital walkie-talkie Monitoring/low battery reminder/dual-mode communication mode 4 areas with a total of 64 channels/transmission high and low power selection encryption function/transmission timeout reminder/Chinese and English voice prompts online upgrade function/analog sub-audio (QT) digital sub-audio (DQT) function width and narrowness With selection/single call group call dual capacity direct mode Recording option (300 hours/8 hours)

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TYTMD - 680

Port: Guangzhou, China Brand: TYT Model: MD - 680 Frequency Range: UHF400~480MHz / VHF 136-174MHz Memory Channel: 32 Battery Capacity: 2200Mah supplies longer working time, analog15hrs and digital25hrs The Channel Spacing: 12.5 KHz Output Power: Low:1W High:10W Rate Audio Power: 1W Audio Response: +1dB~-3dB Voltage: 7.2 V DC Digital Procotol: ETSI TS102 361-1 -1 -3 Channel Capacityl:256 The Channel Spacing: 12.5 KHz Operating Temperature: -30~ +60 Operating Voltage :7.5V DC ±20% Battery: 7.2V 2800mAH Li-ION Frequency Stability: + / - 2.5 PPM RF Power Output :10W Frequency Modulation: 16kφ F3E/ 11kφ F3E (Analog) 4FSK(Digital) Can Antenna Impedance be used: 50 Ω FM Modulation mode: 12.5 KHz: 11 k0f3e 4 FSK Digital Mode: 12.5 KHZ: 7 k60fxd (data) / 7 k60fxe (data&voice) Modulation Maximum deviation: 2.5khz @12.5khz Modulation Distortion :< 5% Nonactive Slot Power: -57dbm Vocodec Type:AMBE+2TM Digital Protocol : Digital Protocol Analog Sensitivity : 0.35 u V / - 116 DBM (20 db SINDA) 0.22 mu V / - 120 DBM (Type) Digital Sensitivity: 0.3 u V / 117.4 dBm (BER5%) 0.22 u V / - 110 DBM (BER1%) Co - channel Rejection: p - 12 db Adjacent Channel Selectivity:TIA603C:65dB ETSI:60dB Spurious Response Rejection:TIA603C:75dB ETSI:70dB Rated Audio Output :1W Audio response : =1dB~-3dB Rated Audio Distortion:<3%

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TYT MD-UV390 Digital Dual Band VHF UHF DMR Radio Waterproof and Dustproof IP67 Walkie Talkie Frequency Range: VHF/UHF Channel: 3000 channels Frequency stability: ±1ppm Working temperature: -30°C~+60°C Working voltage: 7.4V DC Battery Type: Lithium Immersion Battery capacity: 2000mAh standard lithium-ion battery Antenna impedance: 50Ω Channel spacing: 12.5KHz

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TYT IP-38plus 4G walkie talkie

TYT IP-38plus 4G LTE two-way radio PTT one-click communication mini poc radio Specification: Type: Handheld Storage channels: unlimited Call range: Global Other properties Country of Origin: China Brand: TYT Model: IP-38plus protection level Size: 142*69*23mm Frequency range: 4G network Operating System: Linus Server: In Singapore, owned by TYT Talk fee: A small fee is charged annually PTT Corporation: Support GPS: Supported Software remote update: supported Low battery alert: Support Help: Support

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TYT IP-58 Mobile radio

TYT IP-58 Mobile radio Waterproof 4G radio Phone Lte Radio 4G parameter Type: Vehicle Mouted Storage Channel: unlimited Talk Range: Unlimited Place of Origin: China Brand Name: tyt Model Number :IP-58 Communication: Wireless

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TYT IP-77 poc walkie talkie

TYT IP-77 poc walkie talkie android portable two way radio 4G LTE wifi radio Specification: Type: Handheld Storage channels: 200 Call range: All over the world Country of Origin: China Brand: TYT Model: TYT IP-77 Frequency range: All Type: POC Radio Call range: All over the world Frequency range: Depends on SIM card provider Keywords: Android Portable Radio 4G LTE Compatible: 4000 mAh Premium Features: 4G LTE zello (<>G LTE zello hotel) Dimensions: 167x36x52mm

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model TYT-UV98 Number of channels 200 Power supply voltage 7.4VDC Weight (net weight) 268g (including battery and antenna) Appearance size 121x59x42mm Frequency range 136.000-174.000MHZ,

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