car antenna

car antenna


HH-VM10Acar antenna

Frequency 136-174 400-474UV double stage

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CBC-435car antenna

Frequency : 145~435MHzImpedance : 50 V.S.W.R : Less than 1.5Gain : 3.5dBi Power : 120w Length : 39cm Weight : 168g

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SG7500car antenna

SG7500 Frequency : 134 - 174MHZ Gain : 3.4 dB Max.power rating:200W(SSB) Connector : MP Length : 1m ~ 1.4m

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M-285 (Black)car antenna

Product Series: Vehicle Antenna Series Product Name: M-285(Black) Product Description: Model: M-285 (Black) Frequency: 144MHz Gain: 3.0dBi Length: 1150mm Weight: 200g Interface: UHF

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MC101car antenna

Model MC101 RG Commercial Mobile Antenna With Cutting Chart MC101 Frequency : 134 - 174MHz Gain : 3.4dB Max.power rating:200W(SSB) Connector : MP Length : 1m ~ 1.4m

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144/430MHZ small steel gun antenna

Product Name: Radio Interphone Vehicle Antenna Antenna Model: Motorcycle Short Antenna Frequency Range: UV double segment: 144/430MHZ Endurance power: 50W Antenna diameter: bottom 3.5CM tail 3CM Antenna Length: 9CM Antenna interface: M male Suction cup diameter: 5.5CM Suction cup feeder length: 5 meters Suction cup feeder interface: M male Advantages: ultra-short antenna, good concealment, good effect Vehicle Short Antenna 6 Colors 9cm shop around I&H UV double section without top small steel cannon locomotive antenna

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AZ506car antenna

Product Series: Vehicle Antenna Series Product name: AZ-506 Product Description: Frequency range: center frequency point 145/435MHZ Length: 0.67M Weight: 100G Gain: 2.15db(VHF)/5.2db(UHF) Impedance: 50 ohms Endurance power: 50W Standing wave ratio: less than 1.5 Interface type: UHF (M head)

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SG-M509car antenna

Frequency range: 144/430MHZ Gain: 2.15dBi/5.2dBi Power capacity: 70w

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MC200car antenna

MC200 RGI Commercial mobile antenna With Cutting Chart MC200 Frequency : 340 520 MHz Gain : 3.4 dB Maxpower rating : 250W(FM) Connector : MP Length : 0.57 0.32 m

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DPCL2Ecar antenna

2m Band High PerformanceC-Load Mobile Gain Whil DPCL2E1441430MHzGain:4.1dBMax Power rating:200WImpedance:50 Q VSWR:Less then t5:1Connector:UHF·Type:C-Load mobile gain Whip, Fold over stucture DPCL2E

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CR8900car antenna

29 FM/50Fm/144/430MHz with Gao Lide 4 Ba Xia E Yier CR8900 overall length: 1.26m, >71> and: 50Q, VSWR: below 1.5, weight: 490g, input resistance: 60W FM, gain: 2.15dBi(144MHz), 5.5dBi(430MHz), bolt connection: M shape : 1/4 input (29/50MHz), 1/2 input (144MHz), 5/8A2 segment (430MHz) X144/430MHz Shiquan YVISO CR8900

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SG-7200car antenna

Product Series: Vehicle Antenna Series Product name: SG-7200 Product Description: Model: SG-7200 Frequency: 144-430MHz Gain: 3.5/6dBi Length: 960mm Weight: 335g Interface: UHF

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