car intercom

car intercom



QYT CB-27 General Specifications: Modulation Mode: AM/FM Frequency range: 26.965-27.405 MHz Channels: 40 Power output: 4W AM/FM Input voltage: 12/24V Dimensions (H x W x D): 159 * 123 * 48mm Weight: 672 grams Functions and Features: 1. LCD screen (color) 2. Power supply 12V or 24V 3.4W AM/FM 4.8 memory channels 5. Channel or frequency display 6.6 programmable keys 7. CTCSS / DCS Encoder / Decoder 8. DTMF encoder 9. Automatic squelch (ASQ) 10 customizable manual squelches 11. Set Receive Gain (RF Gain) 12. Automatic channel search (scanning) 13. Double table function (DW) 14. Programmable beep function 15. Channel 9/19 16. NB / ANL filter 17. High Cut Filter 18. Overvoltage protection 19. Time-out timer (TOT) 20. Backlight adjustment 21. Automatic boot 22. Key lock 23. Mute function 24. Microphone with up/out button 25. Can be programmed by computer 26.CB Mobile Radio AM/FM 12/24 4W 26.965-27.405MHz Citizen Band 27. All-European Multi-Specification CB Mobile Transceiver

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