six-charger 6

six-charger 6


C1Six-connected charger

Suitable for WALLIN C1 six-charger

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6 in 1 radio box

6 in 1 radio box Version; 1.3.1V_202307 Supported models: XIEGU G90/G90S; ICOM IC-2730A/IC-2730E YAESU FTM-6000R, FTM-100D, FTM-200D, FTM-300D Overall weight: 2450 grams (including radio box + metal panel + metal cover + all small accessories) Waterproof case (color); orange and black Waterproof box (outline) size: L274 x W227x H155mm Function; 1. The box body is waterproof; automatic balance valve, high-density sealing ring design; with straps. 2. One whole metal stainless steel panel; the surface has been processed; high strength. Practical.

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