main feature
 1296p/30fps full HD video recording, showing every detail and making the motion picture smoother;
 Take photos with 36 million pixels;
 Support super large capacity: maximum support 256G;
 140° wide-angle lens, no longer miss the scene details;
 Double filter switcher: no color cast during the day, clearer at night;
 Powerful night vision function: Infrared automatic and manual switching, clear faces within 6 meters, and clear outlines of human bodies within 12 meters;
 Strobe warning light: the warning effect is more obvious and direct;
 Character overlay function: All videos and photos are appended with information such as time, product number, user number, etc., which cannot be edited and has legal proof
According to the validity;
 Super long file name: the file name of all video files contains information such as product number, time, user number, etc., which is convenient for data archiving and retrieval;
 Powerful waterproof function, it can be used normally under heavy rain and heavy rain;
 Built-in high-quality OSRAM low-power infrared LED, which can be used continuously for a long time, and the design of far and near angles: not only ensures the viewing angle, but also ensures the distance;
 It has three functions of video recording, photo taking and recording;
 Video data is automatically divided and saved: to prevent data loss caused by misoperation;
 2-inch IPS LCD display, wider viewing angle and more detailed playback;
 Industrial-grade plastic and structural design, the bare metal can withstand 2.5 meters free drop, body and data

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